Compost for mushrooms

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Company "B-3" Ltd. produces compost for cultivated mushroom - field mushroom with modern technology. To meet the new demands of the market, its customers, European regulations and standards, the company built a modern plant for compost to Environmental mushroom factory in village Chernogorovo. In our enterprise the composting is carried out under controlled conditions from start to finish. Each batch is made using a unique recipe, which is selected after laboratory analysis of raw. The technology ensures full traceability of the production cycle and the computer record of the processes of fermentation, pasteurization and postfermentation.Company has a unique for Bulgaria machine for preparation and mixing of the raw materials, which guarantees the quality of our product. The first phase of the composting takes place in sealed bunkers and it makes us independent of changes in weather conditions.The composting is sown and packed by machine into a sterile room, which ensures its high efficiency. For each batch company "B-3" Ltd gives certificate of quality with an analytical list by relevant laboratory tests. With new technology for the production of compost "B-3" Ltd ensures its customers stable yields (22-28%), certitude of supply and good financial results.The company also offers peat with excellent characteristic.

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